Dyer & Cedar Lake

For those among us who are gardeners, we are itching to get our hands in the ground. It’s almost time to plant the seeds which will yield beautiful flowers and abundant veggies in just a few months. We plant, then we wait.

By investing in the REACH project, you’ve planted and waited, and now those sprouts are beginning to show themselves. Because of your faithfulness, God is showing us some very good fruit.

Among other projects, the REACH project provided for the completion of an upgrade to the Dyer worship center and a new Cedar Lake campus – which is exploding.

In Dyer, an expanded stage allows more people to serve out of their musical gifts each week. Old carpeting and chairs were replaced, providing needed chairs for the Cedar Lake and Hammond campuses. An upgraded video system takes the “sending system” in Dyer up to the level of “receiving systems” in Schererville and Cedar Lake.

The Cedar Lake campus finally has a home after eight different locations in eight years, developing a “mobile and agile congregation.” Before moving into the new building at 6729 W. 133rd Ave., the average attendance was about 350. Since the late February opening, they are averaging 700 on Sundays – with 800 on Easter. Numbers of kids have doubled and an active Reflectors ministry has begun. Parking is already an issue with serving teams parking at welcoming local businesses.

While Campus Pastor Dave Weemhoff is thankful for the new facility and the end of weekly set up and tear downs, “it’s not about the building,” he says. “The building is more like an airport – a place to refuel for our destinations outside the church walls.”

Thank you for your investment in the REACH project. God is transforming lives one at a time through the various ministries of Faith Church. And He gets all the glory for His amazing work!

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