Video System Upgrade



As part of the Reach project Faith Church has updated the video system that serves the Dyer campus as well as the multi-sites and online viewers. John Clausing & Bryan Ford led our effort provided some of the nuts and bolts of this upgrade:

  • Our previous cameras and control room served us well but was realistically obsolete with today’s technology. (still working in the Standard Definition world) 
  • The new system will serve  – the Dyer worship center –  the Atrium –  our online streaming viewers –  and all the multi-site locations – with 2016 high definition technology. In a sense this system allows Dyer to “catch up” with the multisite capabilities to show  improved upgraded video.
  • The system in place now, has been designed to meet the ministry goals and needs for both now and the extended future. This level of upgrade does not happen very often so we worked hard to make sure we invested in a solid system that matches our ministry needs most economically. 
  • The updated control room was a great collaboration of staff and our incredible volunteers partnering to create this important space for our tech volunteers to serve. 

Personally, I am thankful for John & Bryan, the technical arts staff and the amazing volunteers and workers that poured into this project.   Be sure to stop by the Dyer Campus and the new control room to take a peek at this technology.


Justin Kats



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